The E3 Experience

An in-depth guide to work and life on the E3 Graduate Programme

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A view from our international teachers on the E3 Graduate Programme in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province.

A mixture of Western teachers, all hailing from native English speaking countries, we are living our dreams as oral English educators – living and working in Zhangjiagang, China.

We live together, working hard as a team and most importantly enjoying everything China has to offer. Whether it’s traveling to another city in the province on a weekend adventure, or heading to one of our favourite local restaurants and pubs. Our teachers enjoy the best of both worlds: having fun teaching and enjoying the sights and culture of China.

Many of our teachers will agree that one of the best things about working on the E3 Graduate Programme in the public school system is having every evening and weekend off. Something you wouldn’t experience working for a training centre. This affords us the abundant amount of free time to travel, make new friends, learn the customs, culture, and even language!

Our E3 teacher leading from the front
The E3 teachers with their enthusiastic students

Join us on the E3 Graduate Programme

We are a team of 20+ teachers, from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, and relish in the fact that we have so much support from each other when it comes to daily life, help with lesson plans, and general friendship. Our crew is growing and we are looking for more teachers to join us in the fun and adventure here in our city.

A teaching experience that offers opportunity and the freedom to teach at your own pace.

Many teachers love the opportunity here. It allows them to work a teaching job that gives them the freedom to teach at their own pace and methods, as well as autonomy with the topics of their lesson plans.

We often get asked about what it is that we teach or how we teach...the simple answer is: what you think will engage and expand the students’ horizons of English language. It’s not about what you teach, it’s about what are you doing each day to energise, excite and motivate the students.

Living amongst fellow E3 teachers makes lesson planning so much easier and fun. Sharing ideas and experiences is key in growing as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, and with 20+ teachers at your friendly disposal, you won’t be working as hard as you would at or for a training centre.

Being able to live essentially cost free, is amazing. Accommodation bills are covered, meaning you can splash out on weekend trips across China, or save towards your future career.

Public school oral English teaching is great. We teach roughly 20-24 teaching hours per week without any needed “seat warming” – office hours where you are expected to simply be a face and be on display for parents and administrators. Our key responsibilities are to show up, on time, prepared to deliver engaging fun lessons about particular topics. Better still, there isn't homework or exams to prepare or grade.

We are free on evenings and weekends, and given paid time off for all national holidays – as well as nearly 3-4 weeks paid holiday during the Chinese Spring Festival. Our teachers in the past have used this time to travel to places in China like Beijing and Shanghai, or nearby countries such as: Tokyo, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and even going back home to visit friends and family.

With the cost of living so low, and free accommodation, our salaries go a long way.

We live near the centre of town and have access to many enjoyable places such as shopping and walking street, movie cinemas, restaurants (both Chinese and Western), pubs, bars, arcades, and many other locations to let off some steam or spend your free time.

Our apartments are fully furnished, complete with free, private, wifi – although it's best to have a VPN if you want to stay up to date with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. We've also got access to countless TV shows and movies (both Chinese and Western) that are provided free, with unlimited use.

After a day of teaching, there is nothing better than returning home, meeting some of the other teachers (we all teach at different schools), sitting around in the common room, cooking in the kitchen, telling stories of our days, and deciding what we’ll do that evening.

Exploring Zhangjiagang park
A visit to Joyous Land in Zhangjiagang