The "Southern Capital", brimming with culture and history

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  • Location:Jiangsu Province
  • Population:8,000,000 +
  • City Centre:Xinjiekou Area

Echoes of the past

Nanjing is a renowned historical and cultural city that served as the nation's capital across several dynasties. It has become a hub for commerce and trade in Eastern China, with great links to Beijing and Shanghai.

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Things to do in Nanjing

The Purple Mountain area is home to more than 200 heritage and scenic tourist sites. The city itself is enclosed by the remains of the 600-year-old Nanjing City Wall.

Shopping in the city

The shopping area near Xinjiekou and streets near Hunan Lu and Shanxi Lu Square is a hive of activity, and a must visit during the evenings.

The nightlife

Nanjing 1912 is one of the liveliest places in Nanjing after dark, entertaining many with its vibrant nightlife. A blend of East and West, with bars, pubs, clubs and teahouses.

Travel connections

An important transport hub, Nanjing connects northern, eastern and the middle regions of the country. High speed trains will get you to all major Chinese destinations, including Beijing and Shanghai.

What's the weather like?

Known as one of the four hottest cities in China, the summer often reaches an average temperatures of 35-40°C. The winter months are cold and humid, best to pack warm clothes for winter.

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